The Best Resolution You Can Make For Your Health in 2022

Are you hesitating on starting a Wellness program because it will make you have to give up everything you love? This is much of the reason why New Year’s Resolutions don’t last. I don’t like rigidity either and I know it doesn’t work. My clients want to live a Cosmopolitan lifestyle (as much as they can in a “Post-Covid World”) which includes socializing, traveling, dining out, events, and working hard but not suffering the consequences. Following a program with purist principles is not realistic, nor is it an option for most people who want to enjoy the best things life has to offer. My program will teach people how to look much younger than their age, feel energetic despite working hard and playing hard, stay as sharp as possible in business, and feel sexy with a healthy libido into their more advanced years.

My programs are centered around reversing the fear of aging. You will learn how to interpret the most comprehensive diagnostics available (blood tests, medical evaluations/EKGs, genomic testing, etc.) and which ones to ask for. You will uncover information that is not mainstream regarding evaluations, diet, intermittent fasting, mental relevance, pain relief, optimizing hormones, and reversing the decline. Additionally, you will come to fully understand how to use exercise and body-work modalities for better health rather than a one size fits all approach and reduce the risk of injury.

You will know how to manage all the aspects of age decline and reduce the risks of first-world degenerative diseases ranging from mental decline, osteoporosis to diabetes.  Putting this information into practice will help you craft a lifestyle that will not only lead to feeling better, demonstrating a high state of biological autonomy but also looking significantly younger.


What are the steps?

  • Understanding how to be in touch with your body and knowing ways to communicate with your health care practitioners and doctors by using ‘self-optimization’ approaches, hence asking for better diagnostic testing [and not leave your health to chance] – which will determine where you are strong or weak and to slow your path towards senescence.
  • Formulate habits, very specifically and categorically that will sustain your life rather than kill you slowly.
  • Understand the basic do’s and don’ts of eating, drinking, supplementation, stress management, meditation, sleep hygiene, and flow technique.

What is different about how I practice?

You can still party and be a little indulgent as long as you follow these steps (Like I do at 70) and beyond. You will learn how to be fully self-optimized through discovering emerging science and technology.

What is it for?

To perform as you were a generation younger. Get the tools to look better, feel better and shock people when they hear your age.

Weight loss? yes

Strength? yes

Happiness? yes

Life Extension? yes

Flow? yes

If you want to shatter the current perception of aging and look and feel your absolute best into your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond, 2022 is a great time to start!