The Chakras, Emotions, and Physical Health

Anger can be a very dangerous emotion. It literally leads to sabotage on all levels. Either we kill relationships by responding out of inappropriate anger or we slowly kill ourselves by holding it in. Our physical body and the functioning of our organs are directly linked to our emotions. We have seven energy centers each known as a type of chakra that explain this process.

The Seven Chakras

The first chakra relates to feeling grounded, stable, and attuned to basic survival. When you have feelings of fear, uncertainty, and being an outsider, it can cause blockages in this area. Being over-stimulated can lead to imbalance in the adrenals and kidneys.

The second chakra governs our sexuality, intimacy, and creativity. When you are shutting down or experiencing trauma in these areas, it can lead to blockages in your reproductive system, menstrual cycles, or the ability to conceive.

The third chakra is about self-confidence, self-esteem and issues of anger. When you are feeling weak and insecure, you may experience digestive problems, gall stones, or even an ulcer.

The fourth chakra is about being compassionate, friendly, and warm. It governs intuition and love. When you are closed here, you can be blocked in your heart, chest, and breasts. Have you ever heard of an elderly person who died of a broken heart because they lost their spouse? It’s possible…

This fifth chakra is connected to expressing yourself. When you are too shy or don’t say what you need to, you may experience neck, throat, and thyroid problems.

The sixth chakra is related to our intuitive nature. When you are meditating, you connect to this chakra by closing your eyes and focusing on this area. It is connected to the pituitary gland, eyes, head, and lower brain. When someone is deficient or blocked, they are unable to visualize or listen to their intuition.

The seventh chakra is about wisdom; if you are activated here, you are very aware spiritually. The crown chakra is connected to the pineal gland and upper brain. When you’re deficient in this area, you may be skeptical, cynical, apathetic, and much more connected to the material world over the spiritual realm.

Illness is Directly related to our Emotions

Illness often comes from not dealing with our emotions properly. This is literally when the body is in “dis-ease.” That’s why you hear about people making miraculous recoveries when they watch funny movies, say positive affirmations, or visualize good health. Sometimes it takes these dire situations to realize the importance of implementing these practices. Therefore, it’s crucial to be aware of how we are handling our challenges. As a result, our health – believe it or not – depends on it. Suppressed emotions need to be dealt with because it’s impossible to outsmart the body’s natural intelligence!

You can often see what’s happening in someone’s life just by looking at them. Perhaps someone has postural defects and they’re hunched over because they are carrying a heavy burden. Maybe they are prematurely graying or they are aging much more quickly than they should be. Do they carry extra weight to hide from the world? Or do they feel frail and depressed which causes them to be extremely underweight? When I am working with a new client, my first question isn’t, “What do you eat every day?” My first question is, “Are you happy?” because the first step to working on this is to be honest with yourself. What is your issue that you haven’t dealt with?

Forgiveness Can Go a Long way

Not being able to forgive can be detrimental to our well-being. I’m sure you’ve already heard the expression “Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to suffer.” Who wants to live life with enemies feeling like you have an evil eye upon you? It’s much better to release those emotions because they will never serve you. You’re not foolish or naïve to be able to forgive. A teacher of mine once quoted an expression that goes “Dark mind bitter body.” As difficult as it is- letting go with an open heart can be the best medicine for a long life.