Self-Optimization Consultation

Oz Garcia also works with clients to take them to higher levels of personal wellness or “Self-Optimization”. In a generation of bio-hackers, medical experts and health enthusiasts all sharing their discoveries, Oz helps his clients to understand and effectively work with all this information. After 35 years in practice and his relentless quest for the most effective technologies, and innovative means available, Oz will help you to optimize your lifestyle to its greatest potential.


IV Therapy is a way of administering nutrients to the body intravenously for personal wellness. The combinations of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are injected directly into the vein and it is virtually a painless procedure. This treatment is more effective than taking oral supplements. As a result, these nutrients bypass the gut for quick delivery and immediate results. IV Therapy has shown improved immunity, jet lag, energy, and over all well-being.


Cryotherapy is a non-invasive personal wellness option for pain management, muscle recovery, and decreasing inflammation. It can be a safe alternative to using prescription drugs or over the counter pain medications. Treatments can either be localized on a specific body part or performed on the whole body. We also offer Cryofacial™, which invigorates the skin, leaving you looking refreshed with the appearance of diminished fine lines and wrinkles.  Each session is performed at subzero temperatures under the guidance of a technician. While cryotherapy is not a medical procedure, it can be beneficial for injury recovery, beautifying the skin, reducing anxiety and stress as well as promoting restful sleep.


Chronic sleep issues and anxiety go hand and hand and both have a large effect on your personal wellness. Oz Garcia’s goal is to help improve symptoms without the use of prescription medications. We currently offer the most advanced nutraceutical protocols in addition to support with lifestyle modifications. We also recommend “The Fisher Wallace Stimulator®”. This technology treats depression and anxiety by stimulating the brain to produce serotonin and other neurochemicals required for healthy mood. Eleven of New York City’s top hospitals have approved the device for use. It also features the only technology cleared by the FDA for the treatment of depression and anxiety.


Compression Therapy can be very beneficial for pain located in the back or extremities such as the arms and legs.  It works in the following ways, it removes fluid retention, improves lymphatic drainage, and improves oxygen delivery and blood flow. Active compression also helps improve blood flow in the injured area. This allows more oxygen to reach damaged tissues and stimulates tissue repair. As more oxygen and essential nutrients reach the damaged tissue in the injured area, it is able to repair itself and heal more quickly.


Intermittent fasting is an approach to eating that can help reset the body back to balance. For instance, one day out of the week or several days during the month you will restrict your calorie intake by fasting or only eating between specific times of the day. Intermittent fasting may help you lose weight without feeling hungry, reduce your risk of chronic diseases, and lead to better sleep and increased energy.