Low Libido? Here’s How to Fix It


While sexual function in your 40’s may not resemble your 20’s, there are ways to enhance drive and performance. As you approach your 40’s, 50’s and later years – a decline in testosterone naturally occurs, and with that comes a low libido.

Even though that’s a natural part of aging, here are a few supplements and lifestyle modifications you can turn to before experimenting with prescription drugs.

Supplement Alternatives for Low Libido

1. Maca is a Peruvian plant that has been used for its healing properties over centuries. The indigenous people in Peru have used Maca root to boost fertility and sexual health in both men and women. Men will often take Maca to improve their libido. It can help to support energy, testosterone levels and contains two classes of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the macaenes and macamides which increase male vitality. Maca can be baked, roasted, taken in supplement form or used in your morning smoothies.

2. Niacin is another name for Vitamin B3. It’s used for a variety of health functions but may have the ability to also dilate blood vessels. Niacin triggers the release of a substance called prostaglandin 2, which is known to help the endothelium, the lining of a blood vessel, relax and let more blood through. When taking niacin you may experience what called a “niacin flush”. The flush is nothing to be alarmed about but after ingesting niacin you may experience heat or redness like a flushing of the skin. Some people actually enjoy the sensation once they get used to it.

3. Arginine is a amino acid that is produced naturally in the body. It helps to increase nitric oxide which is a major contributor to blood flow to muscles and sexual organs. It’s commonly used as a body building supplement as well as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

4. Agmatine is a another nitric oxide booster that  is naturally produced by the breakdown of the amino acid arginine. Agmatine is used for its cardio-protective benefits, cognitive focus enhancement and for its positive effect on glucose levels. But interestingly when agmatine is taken as a supplement it’s also a great hack to benefit sexual health. 

While supplements are a part of improving sexual desire and performance, it’s equally as  important to make sure you are keeping an eye on your daily lifestyle and sleep habits. If you are under an immense amount of stress, suffering from anxiety, or feeling more depressed than usual it can cause a low libido.

Allow time to do activities that can help to get you relaxed and make your body feel happier.

Lifestyle Modifications for Low Libido

1. Daily Exercise can make a huge difference not only in terms of your physical health but we know how it can greatly improve your mental state.

2. Using Substances such as alcohol and marijuana may help to alleviate some of your stress and get you in the mood – yet ironically can make you unable to perform.

3. Getting Enough Sleep is necessary for most people to be highly functional and feel their best. In fact, chronic sleep deprivation can lower testosterone levels. For a better night’s sleep, get into the habit of sleep rituals like shutting off your computer, cell phone and television at a reasonable hour. Avoiding these electronics that are stimulating will put you in a more relaxed state. You may want to shower to wash off the energy of a log day and get into bed feeling calm, clean and comfortable. If you’re not quite ready to fall asleep, perhaps all these suggestions will spark some excitement with your partner that will surely lead to a good night’s sleep…