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WOMEN’S HEALTH // Heidi Klum, 48, Looks Sculpted All Over Jet Skiing In A Bikini In Instagram Vacation Photos

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WINE SPECTATOR // Go Ahead and Eat Some Cheese
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GLAMOUR // Hilary Swank Explains Why She’s Launching an Athleisure Collection

ROBB REPORT // The Robb Perfect 10

ARCHETYPES // Weight Loss Wednesday with Oz Garcia
ARCHETYPES // Weight Loss Wednesday: How to Get Back on the Wellness Wagon
ARCHETYPES // Weight Loss Wednesday: Feed Your Skin From the Inside Out
ARCHETYPES // Weight Loss Wednesday: Boost Immunity While Slimming Down
ARCHETYPES // Weight Loss Wednesday: 7-Day Cleanse
ARCHETYPES // Weight Loss Wednesday: Light Meals for Heavy Workouts
ARCHETYPES // Weight-Loss Wednesday: Superfoods
ARCHETYPES // Weight Loss Wednesday: Just Add Water
ARCHETYPES // How to Kick those Cravings
OCEAN DRIVE // Miami’s Dr. Oz
MARIE CLAIRE // What’s Your Perfect Workout
HAUTE LIVING // James Royal Palm Opens Renew the Spa with Celebrity Nutritionist Oz Garcia
FACEBOOK // Telemundo Morning Show April
AZURE AZURE // Celebrity Nutritionist Oz Garcia
METRO CITIZEN // Wellness Weekends at The James Royal Palm
MIAMI HERALD // Nutritionist to the Stars Dr. Oz Garcia Shares Diet Secrets

LOS ANGELES RACKED // Work on Your Fitness at Fred Segal SaMo This Sunday
HUFFINGTON POST // Schools And Parents Must Work Together To Fight Childhood Obesity
MIAMI // Celebrity Nutritionist Dr. Oz Garcia Holds Wellness Weekend Miami
INSTYLE // Your Look
NEW BEAUTY // Do you Really Need a Multivitamin?
NEW YORK // Miranda Kerr and Erin Heatherton Discuss the Victoria’s Secret Pregnancy Pact
OBSERVER // Another Health Tech Incubator Springs Forth in New York
PASSPORT // Brain Enhancement
THE DAILY DAN // Shock and Oz
BRIDES // Eat Something Already
OYE! TIMES // 9 Healthy Ways To Lose Those Last Few Pounds
REFINERY29 // Healthy Lifestyle Tips

HAUTE LIVING // Take It All Off with Blue Print Cleanse
HUFFINGTON POST // Seasonal Affective Disorder: Tips to Break Out of Your Winter Rut
BIRCHBOX // The Great Skin Diet
LIFE MINUTE // Healthy Snack Options for Kids with Dr. Oz Garcia
HUFFINGTON POST // The Starbucks Trenta: A Sign of What’s to Come?
HAUTE LIVING // Haute Event: The Doctor Is In at LAVO, New York
EXAMINER // Event at Pure Yoga – 2-9-2011 NOT SCARED BE PREPARED!!!
HUFFINGTON POST // How Exercise Keeps You Young
HUFFINGTON POST // Why Do We Think Overweight Is Normal?
CRAIN’S // What He’s Reading
TEEN VOGUE // Get Healthy This Summer to Start The School Year Right
HUFFINGTON POST // Dietary Supplements For Summertime Efficiency
WELL + GOOD // Calcium without cows? How to get your Daily Dose
HAUTE LIVING // Russell Simmons Hosts Art for Life Benefit at his East Hampton Estate
GLOBAL GRIND // Uncle Rush Celebrates Art for Life
EVERYDAY HEALTH // An Inside Look at How Top Nutritionists, Doctors, and Personal Trainers Eat and Exercise
OK MAGAZINE // Katie Holmes: What she Really Eats
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MORE // Forever Young: Expert Tips for Aging Gracefully
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BIRCHBOX // Overindulgence Cures
OK! // Katie: What She Really Eats
HARPER’S BAZAAR // The New Youth Pill
HARPER’S BAZAAR // Horse Therapy and Vitamin Smoothie

EXAMINER // Nutritionist to the Stars, Oz Garcia, Talks about Ideal Weight Myths, Hydrating Foods, and Cravings
HUFFINGTON POST // School Nutrition: Targeting Junk-Food-Filled Vending Machines
BLUSH // Celebrity Beauty Guide: Pampering Yourself
ELLE CANADA // Hollywood Helpers
OK! // Bikini Body Count Down, Week 1
OK! // Bikini Body Count Down, Week 3
OK! // Bikini Body Count Down, Week 4
OK! // Bikini Body Count Down, Week 5
OK! // Bikini Body Count Down, Week 6
OK! // Bikini Body Count Down, Week 10!
LIFE AND STYLE – APRIL // Do Starts Eat Less than we do?
LIFE AND STYLE – MARCH // Do Stars Eat Less than we do?
LIFE AND STYLE – MARCH // Do Stars Eat Less than we do?
LIFE AND STYLE – AUGUST // Do Stars Eat Less than we do?
USA TODAY // Communication is Key to Protect your Personal Relationships
TIME OUT ABU DHABI // The Stress Factor
SKY DELTA // Eat Well. Get Fit. Stay Healthy.
ACCESS HOLLYWOOD // Glam Slam: Countdown to Oscar-Ready Body
BETTER NUTRITION // The Experts Dish
NEW YORK TIMES // Security Agents Wonder What’s in the Protein Shakes
EXAMINER // Nutritionist Oz Garcia and Arizona Make Decent Energy Together
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HOME SHOPPING // Will HSN’s Vitamin Maven Andrew Lessman Skewer ShopNBC’s New Nutrition Expert, The Wizard Of Oz, In His Blog?
WELL+GOOD // Refrigerator Look Book: Oz Garcia
SAN FRANCISCO GATE // The Best Beauty Tips from Twitter
STYLE CASTER // Are Energy Bars your Diet Enemy?
WELL+GOOD // Winter Escapes: Where NYC’s Healthiest Recharge their Batteries
LIFE AND BEAUTY // Healthy Hair Tips From the Inside out
HUFFINGTON POST // Balancing Thanksgiving’s Guilt and Enjoyment
HUFFINGTON POST // School Nutrition: Targeting Junk-Food-Filled Vending Machines
MAIN STREET // How to Get Your Kids to Eat Veggies
HUFFINGTON POST // Kids’ Healthy Eating: Sesame Street Improves Childhood Nutrition One Muppet at a Time
HUFFINGTON POST // Child Nutrition Act: ‘Childhood Obesity Is a National Security Threat.’

GLAMAZON MEDIA // Improve your Inner Beauty Without Breaking the Bank
AOL HEALTH // Oz Garcia’s Two Week Body Transformation Plan
GENLUX MAGAZINE // 10 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling
FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE // Oz Garcia, Celebrity Nutritionist
US WEEKLY // The US Buzzzz-o-meter
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LIFESTYLE // Do Stars Eat Less Than We Do?
MODELINIA // Oz Garcia to the Z’s Rescue
FASHIONS NIGHT OUT // Vera Wang in New York City
ACTIVE.COM // 5 Tips for Marathon Success From Dr. Oz Garcia
STYLE // Beauty Counter
I FEEL PRETTY // Doctor it up!
WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY // Road Runners
GLITTERBUZZ STYLE // Glitterbuzz Stay Healthy

MARIE CLAIRE // Killer Curves
W // At Home Exclusive
GLAMOUR // Margarita Shapes Up
ADVENTUROUS WRITER // Healthy Hair Tips and Shampoo Myths
HAMPTONS // The Fountain of Youth
FASHION WEEK DAILY // Oz Garcia’s Tips on Surviving Four More Days!
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NEW YORK POST // $50 of Fun
MADISON AVENUE SPY // Fashion Week for VIPs
FASHION RATTY // Oz Garcia’s Tips on Surviving Four More Days!
LA DAILY NEWS // Turning Back the Clock
PEOPLE STYLE WATCH // Eat your Way to Gorgeous
BEANSTALK BIZ NEWSLETTER // Best Foods from Nutritionist Oz Garcia

NEW YORK TIMES // Nutritionist
NEW YORK MAGAZINE // UWS Opening for Bouley Lite
SELF // Don’t Forget the Dessert!
ALLURE // Diet savants
CITY // Travel Lite
IN TOUCH // Keep Losing Weight
LIFE AND STYLE // Janet Yo-Yos
TEEN VOGUE // Beauty & Health
VOGUE // Reality Bites
HELLO! RUSSIA // Russian Article
NEW YORK MAGAZINE // Eat Yourself Young Looking!
TOWN & COUNTRY WEDDINGS // Fitness Secrets and Lies

HARPER’S BAZAAR // Reduce Your Stress
IN TOUCH WEEKLY // Hilary Eats Fat-Fighting Foods
LIFE & STYLE WEEKLY // Quick Ways to Slim Down For Summer
CELEB DIET & FITNESS // Hilary Swank’s Stay-Fit Diet
LIFE & STYLE WEEKLY // How Stars Work Out!
W // High Drama
TOWN AND COUNTRY WEDDINGS // Losing Propositions
NEW YORK POST // Diet your way to a Great Bikini Bottom
MARIE CLAIRE // In the Kitchen

NEW YORK POST // Sum Thing For Everyone
VOGUE GREECE // Sur Mesure
INTERVIEW // Million Dollar Baby’s Hilary Swank Knocks ‘Em Out
VOGUE RUSSIA // Russian Article
VOGUE FRANCE // Les Looks Chocs de l’Ete
US WEEKLY // Diets that Work!
VITALS // Portrait Artist Hilary Swank Readies for the Next Fight
BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD // What Happened in Vegas
ELLE BEAUTY // The Poser
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VANITY FAIR // Unbearable Fabulosity
MEN’S JOURNAL // Young Again
MODERN SALON // Cosmoprof North America brings Beauty to Las Vegas
MILLIONAIRE // Adding Zing to the Bling
MARIE CLAIRE // Call our Shopping, Fashion and Beauty Experts

LADIES’S HOME JOURNAL // Our Stress Swat Team to the Rescue
HARPER’S BAZAAR // Trend Alert
AVENUE // In Flight Pampering
THE LONDON TIMES // Longevity Longer
W // Slim Pickings
FITNESS // The Get-Gorgeous Diet
HARPER’S BAZAAR // Update your Look
TATLER // Are You Partying Your Face Off?

FASHIONS OF THE TIMES // Beautiful People’s Beauty Then and Now
LIFE EXTENTION // Changing Lives
OCEAN DRIVE // Oz Garcia
QUEST // Essentials
US WEEKLY // Hollywoods Hot Diet Gurus
W // God is in the Diet
DOMOVOI // Russian Article

W // The Land of Oz
US WEEKLY // What Stars really Eat
US WEEKLY // Six-Weeks-to-Summer-Shape-Up
TEEN PEOPLE // The Nutritionist V
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED // Hey! You with the Bagel and Latte
QUEST // The Essentials of Manhattan

LIFE EXTENSION // Oz Garcia’s Plan for Optimal Health

MARIE CLAIRE // The Diet Secretes of Hollywood’s Food Doctor

PREVENTION // Secrets of my Success
NEW YORK // These Doctors are In
COSMOPOLITAN // How I Finally Lost those 15 Pounds

W // Burning Issue