An Exciting Therapy for Chronic Lyme Disease: Ten-Pass Ozone

Lyme disease is on the rise at an alarming rate. Many of our patients come to us after seeing over a dozen medical practitioners and have not noticed significant improvement with therapies such as antibiotics and even herbal treatments. One of the treatments you may not have heard of is called Ten-pass ozone. Ten-pass ozone a very intensive type of ozone therapy that goes deeper into the body. It is more effective at eliminating Lyme disease pathogens than the standard intravenous ozone. If you have been working with a Lyme literate doctor, they may likely already be doing ozone therapy but not in this advanced fashion.

What Happens During a Ten-Pass Ozone Treatment?

During a Ten-pass ozone treatment, blood is drawn from the patient and mixed with ozone. This has the effect of killing microbes, mold, fungus and viruses while cleansing the blood. The blood is then reinserted back into the patient (kind of like a transfusion). This is considered a single pass, and up to 10 passes can be administered during a treatment.

This treatment involves filling up a bottle with the patient’s blood that hangs on an IV pole while creating hyperbaric-like pressure inside of the bottle. Then, ozone is added and the mixture of blood and ozone are vigorously shaken to increase ozone and saturates the red blood cells with oxygen. The hyperbaric pressure protects the red blood cells from damage during the process.


A Ten-pass ozone treatment uses about 50 times the amount of ozone as opposed to a regular IV ozone treatment. Because of the potency, patients have reported substantial improvements in the way they feel and this leads to better outcomes.There have even been reports of patients symptom’s greatly decreasing or even having a remission from high dose ozone after 10-30 treatments. Although, this is not the case with everyone and claims unfortunately cannot be made. There is still not enough research to know what the benefits or side effects will be for Lyme patients long term.

The developer of the ten-pass method, Dr. Ladhodny recommends a few sessions a week to daily administrations of high dose ozone for up to a month. Although, a highly sensitive patient with Lyme disease may not be able to tolerate this much therapy and have a Herxheimer reaction.  Since this is not so uncommon, practitioners may take a more conservative approach and give their patients as little as one treatment per week.


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